Into the Program additives Chemical Manufacturing required by
EKOKEMIKA INTERNATIONAL is a very profitable and
innovative way to increase business.

Into additives Program is a revolutionary concept
based on certain characteristics:

• Ease Into

• Flexibility Into

• Into Profitability

• Into High Quality

Into EKOKEMIKA INTERNATIONAL is also ready to study some projects
private additive measure: your market analysis,
In your experience, your request and your goals.

  • Main Features


Easy : The machines and equipment necessary for the production of chemical cleaners are not complicated and not expensive. The production line does not require a large area and has a long life and easy maintenance.
The additives or are readily mixed poichà are: liquid, fluid, containing raw materials to increase the solubility and are not dangerous either for men or for environment.
Additives or are easy to store. They are packaged in plastic tanks IBC and can be positioned one above the other batch saving place. The tanks are based on a pallet for easy delivery.
The additives have a long life (up to 2 years) and do not require extreme thermal conditions (temperature shop is 8-30 degrees C).
Transport operations are practical and can be by truck, train or ship. It 'also possible to avoid statements ADR and IMDG and costs with additives family WNH (No-Natryum - hydroxide).
The formula to obtain the final product is simple: water + one or two additives.

Flexibility : This system allows to produce different sizes, colors, perfumes, concentrations, prices, labels and applications, giving you the chance to have the same product with different labels and different scents.
The program allows you to produce Additive 90% of the range of products for car cleaning, industrial cleaning, food industry cleaning, cleaning institutions.



Profitability : Cost reduction is the main results of the additive system:
A few workers are needed to producte directly in the customer's warehouse;
A small number of additives able to produce a complete range of detergents.
Additives or save a lot of storage space
Transport costs are reduced because the total weight of the load does not include water and raw materials that the customer can buy from the farm. WNH additives do not require costs IMO or ADR.
As a consequence, import taxes will be greatly reduced.

High Quality : This system allows to reduce costs while maintaining product quality. Our group will give continuous service to apply, regulate, control and sell our chemical products with higher quality and sales support.

  • Equipment


• MIXER: A machine made of stainless steel for mixing water, raw materials and additives.

• WATER-METER: a machine to control the amount of water.

• PUMP: A steel-rubber chemical pump to transfer liquid and viscous products from the tanks of additives to the mixer and the mixer cans photographic or tanks final packaging.

• MACHINE FACTOR: a platform that weight additives and raw materials before pumping them into the mixer and check the weight of the product ready.

• FILLER: (optional) a particular automatic machine able to control the weight and avoid foaming during filling of the product in the tank.

• PACKAGING ADDITIVE: additives are usually provided in IBC (1000kg) or Drums (200kg)

• QUALITY CONTROL INSTRUMENTS ': hydrometer (to control the density), a refract meter (to check the active ingredient).